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Designing the AIs which help to anticipate the Future

PITHIA – The Tutorial Guide – (Personal International Trainer to Hasten Intelligent Anticipation)

CALVIN – The Specialist in Causalities and Connections – (CAusal Links, Variables, INdicators)

KAI – The Narrator Screenwriter – (Knowledge And Imagination)

REGINA – The Queen of Geopolitics – (RElations, Geopolitics and INternational Assistant)

ARIA – The Permanent Assistant – (Artificial RTAS Intelligent Assistant)

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The Context

The Red Team Analysis Society recently developed six artificial intelligence models based on the ChatGPT Model and calibrated specifically to respond, among other things, to the different stages of early warning.

I was asked to create the Art Direction of the series of characters and to produce a specific Header Design for the article which present them altogether, for they respond to a logic of complementarity ; and the Art Direction had to reflect this matter of facts: unity without uniformity and differentiation without dispersion.

I also participated in Narrative Design/Storytelling contributing to the creation of their respective names, having to meet the same requirement of coherence and actionable use. So let me introduce the official First Five Artificial Intelligences of The Red Team Analysis Society: Pithia, Calvin, Kai, Regina and Aria. The Sixth AI, Sphinx, is the subject of a second article on this site… because it is… very special.

The Naming Process through Narrative Design and Storytelling

As each AI has a very specific role and thinking, I very quickly came up with the idea of the Acronym which would summarize each function through a proper name, easy to remember.

Each AI responding to its own name, the dialogue between the AI and the user would be reinforced and would respond to the need for emotional proximity specific to any exchange.

PITHIA – The Tutorial Guide

As the role of this AI is to introduce the user to the functioning of the four other AIs, it needed a clear and symbolic name which gives away the aura of a wise and reassuring character, capable of guiding the user through the step-by-step practice of AI.

The name of the Oracle Priestess of Delphi therefore came naturally to me, since it is the Guide that we seek to discern the Future and its stages: Pythia.

So I converted this name to P.I.T.H.I.A. for Personal International Trainer to Hasten Intelligent Anticipation.

CALVIN – The Specialist in Causalities and Connections

In early warning, it is very important to know how the links between causes and effects are established, radiated and connected, and therefore the technical components of Indicators, Factors and Variables necessary for the establishment of a viable scenario.

This AI being specialized in the ability to identify these elements and help the user to put them into practice, I had the idea of a name which would evoke Determinism and the link between all things within a coherent whole.

The idea of Jean Calvin, creator of the reform and his specific philosophical reflection, as well as his direct connection with the Divine realm, seemed appropriate to me, especially since Calvin is also a first name -logically- common in English, precisely because of the Protestant influence.

So I suggested CA.L.V.IN. meaning CAusal Links, Variables, INdicators.

KAI – The Narrator Screenwriter

This AI being dedicated to the creation of Scenarios requiring imagination around a single variable, it helps to flesh out the “skeleton” of foresight established by the other Ais with narrative “flesh”. Namely, injecting sensitive imagination around a conceptual narrative system serving as an example suitable for illustrating the purpose of the demonstration.

In Japanese, “Kai” can mean “Open or “Change” and in Maori it means “Food”. The idea of Imagination used as “food” to “open” the narrative development of the scenario born from Knowledge has therefore made its way and has logically generated: K.A.I. for Knowledge And Imagination.

REGINA – The Queen of Geopolitics

In terms of the objectives of Strategic Foresight, this AI is essential to source and reflect on all the viable geopolitical issues of a given or imagined crisis situation. Thus, any strategic question can obtain a fruitful interaction thanks to this AI, within the limits of access to non-classified data.

Wanting a very “regal” name for this AI interacting with topics linked to power, war and real international politics, I imagined the character of an experienced Queen who would share her knowledge and experience with the interlocutor.

Namely: RE.G.IN.A. for RElations, Geopolitics and INternational Assistant.

ARIA – The Permanent Assistant

One AI had to be dedicated to the entire The Red Analysis Society (RTAS) site to be able to guide Internet users through all the articles on the site and its navigation, as well as being capable of answering all types of questions, trivial or specific, regarding the site.

I had the idea of a simple and short name that would reminds the initials AI or IA of “Artificial Intelligence”. And, thinking about this concept of “sound,” I came with the idea of an elegant song or singer that would tie all the pages of the site together like a cohesive symphony. And, therefore, similar to an “Aria”.

A.R.I.A. meaning Artificial RTAS Intelligent Assistant

The Art Direction of the AIs Characters

The chosen 3D model represents a character with youthful proportions and expression, to reinforce the intensity of the gaze and emit a feeling of confidence, capable of offsetting the robotic aspect.

The choice of an almost childish model also allows an unisex approach to the AI, since some have masculine names and some others have feminine names. The uniqueness of the appearance of the model allows the user to not to be lost in too many formal differences, and the Art Direction focused solely on the choice of a plain color, perfectly identifiable, with a possible combination of eyes’ color, if any (as in the case of Sphinx). The use of these AI responds to both a hierarchical process as well as a group concept:

  • Aria has a role distinct from all the others, since she is the emblematic AI of the site, present on all pages. Therefore, her Art Direction had to distinguish her from all the others while representing the graphic charter of the site. Her color is therefore naturally Red.
  • Pithia is hybrid in her role: she is distinct from the other AI as an “initiatory” tutorial guide to know how to use Artificial Intelligence, step by step, but at the same time, she is linked to Calvin, Kai and Regina by introducing specific stages to use these three specialized artificial intelligences.

    As I had already considered the idea of using a metallic color for the rest of the AI, Pithia had to have a metallic appearance but less “precious” than her colleagues, to reinforce the idea of a “solid” initiation on the “foundations” of AI learning. Therefore, her color became Steel.
  • Calvin, Kai and Regina are complementary in their functions. Consequently, they had to have distinct colors to clearly identify them, but also to evoke membership in the same visual group for the user places them in a context of similar belonging.

    The idea was then to break down each of them according to a precious metal which would make sense with their hierarchical and optimal use, namely:
  1. First Calvin to structure and identify the variables and indicators creating the structure of foresight. His color had to be Copper.

  2. Kai to flesh out the foresight structure by imagining example scenarios. His color is then the Silver.

  3. Finally, if necessary, request help from Regina if a Geopolitical component were to be injected into the scenario. Her color turns out logically to be the Gold.

The Design of the Article Header

Once the names and Art Direction of all the characters have been created. I imagined a simple presentation of all these faces at the same level, to give the user a notion of choice and plurality. Pithia and Sphinx are not present in this visual since their roles are more specialized; the present image served to focus essentially on the “AI Team” dedicated to strategic foresight and early warning in an immediate and actionable way.

To break with an overly static layout, a diagonal and dynamic cutting effect runs through the entire image, revealing the Ais through a uniform digital veil of printed circuits; this evoking the precious nature of these specialized Ais, capable of dissipating the surrounding digital blur.

In the same logic, I separated warm colors from cold colors into groups in order to avoid an alternation of colors way too symmetrical. Kai’s Silver being almost similar to the blueness tinge of the graphic background, it serves as an introduction to the image; Aria and its bright red color serves as its conclusion and reminds the graphic charter of the site from which it comes.

The design on the site of The Red Team Analysis Society (click to expand)

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