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Welcome to your Story…

If you are here, right now, it’s because of a story.

All the decisions in your life, professional or personal, are due to the fact that, one day, you have been exposed to a story.

A story you embraced or rejected. A story that you wanted to change or that you wanted to forge from scratch.

Is it a family tradition? A social narrative? A national legend? A professional dream? Whether you accept them or reject them, it’s your positioning towards these stories that guided you where you are. Here and now.

Everything is nothing but stories.

As a Visual Storyteller, I have developed my expertise in telling and conveying stories through Art Direction, Illustration, Gaming, Typography or Narration.

Who are you? What do you want? What are you and what are you not?

Only the sincerity of the story that you want to convey through a visual, a logo, an illustration, a game, a text or a concept will determine if others are ready to believe in your story, as you believed, in your time, to those of others…

And I can help you with that.

By the brush, by the word, by the pixel.

I can create your World and shape it in your image, I can shape your images to coincide with your World. I will tell who you are.

I shall tell your story.

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