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“The Return of Nuclear Energy”

On March 21, 2024, thirty two heads of states and governments and special envoys met in Brussels for a summit with a very high level attendance. This meeting was the first ever Nuclear Energy Summit, jointly hosted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Belgium.

Why is nuclear energy coming back on the agenda and why such a high level interest? What did leaders decide and which leaders? Could the renewal of interest in nuclear energy entail new geopolitical challenges?

The Design

As global warming imposes more and more constraints on the world’s societies in the 21st century, all nations find themselves faced with a dilemma: how to cope with ever-increasing energy needs while striving to reduce polluting emissions to a minimum?

How can we approach the nuclear issue on a global scale without falling into Manichaeism or caricature, on one side or the other? What will be the new challenges of nuclear power and its impacts – still unsuspected – at the political and geopolitical level? Is there something hidden that we may not see until it is too late?…

Will all the countries of the world, united by the same globalization, manage to see the advent of nuclear power -for worse or for better? The question looms on the horizon of an almost immediate future, like the nuclear symbol through which the United Nations World is now seen. Such an inescapable question generated by civilizational choices which must now be fully taken into account.

As lack of time or lack of decisions have led to the situation we are in presently, now remains almost a single vision, a single issue which will determine, sooner or later, the future of humanity for those who have been able to see it in time…

As a single symbol which might eventually represents the whole world and its only future?

Summary of the Topic

🔺 Exposing the crucial stake of choosing Nuclear Energy if we want to keep our actual way of life while reducing GHG emissions.

🔺 Explaining why States and industry have chosen to step in to trebling nuclear energy capacity by 2050.

🔺 Analysis of the First Nuclear Energy Summit.

🔺 Exploring the first analyzes concerning a geopolitics of nuclear energy.

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