The Context

⭕ This is the design I created for The Red Team Analysis Society article [🇬🇧 🇫🇷] titled:

“The Future of Uranium Demand – China’s Surge”

This design is the Third in the Uranium Series, following “Uranium and the Renewal of Nuclear Energy”.

As the world is poised to make the effort to treble its nuclear energy capacity by 2050, there is a base case scenario for the future of nuclear energy capacities, upon which the 2023 decision to treble nuclear energy and related policies will apply.

These evolutions, country per country, reveal notably China’s surge, highlighting a direct geopolitical consequence of the multiplication of nuclear reactors on territories, as nuclear plants become essential elements in the theatres of war.

The Design

Hundreds of analyzes and reports aggregate. Meticulously. Studiously. They come together like red earth bricks to build the future of the Middle Kingdom, like a new Forbidden City, even more powerful, even more imposing.

Like the blueprint of a new empire, like the bird’s eye view flying above a new urban agglomeration, new neighborhoods are being drawn and new streets are being annotated. The global future of China’s energy empire is being built, almost silently, around its new Heart : The Nuclear Symbol.

And, all around this new Radiant and Radioactive Palace, four stars are approaching, religiously assembled. Each star is embodying 5 years of future time, totaling 20 years; which is year 2040.

Date on which China will become the world’s largest nuclear power.

The New Flag of the all-powerful Nuclear China will be then complete, ready to be unfurled above the Earth…

Summary of the Topic

🔺 Detailed tables and graphs on current nuclear energy production capacities by country.

🔺 Sourced projections of future production by country by 2040.

🔺 Projection of Uranium needs by country by 2040.

🔺 Analysis of the potential influence of China’s lead concerning security and warfare on the geopolitical level.

The design on the site of The Red Team Analysis Society (click to expand)

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