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Article Header Design: “Which Country has the most Influence in the World?”

The Context

⭕ This is the design I created for The Red Team Analysis Society article [🇬🇧 🇫🇷] titled :

“Which Country has the most Influence in the World?”

Between 1945 and 2024 the alliances and counter-alliances have changed exponentially, disassembling and reassembling through increasingly globalized geopolitical events. Wars, pandemics, ecological, economic and systemic crises are all parameters capable of favoring or disfavoring the affinity that such or such country may have with another one…

But, over time, have the countries perceived traditionnally to be the most influential remained as such? And what about new states, new inter-state structures or new policies that enter into the global game? Which state has really the most influence in the world? When did things change? This timeline holds many surprises…

The Design

The world is nothing more than a gigantic chess game where each state seeks to become the King of the Chessboard. To achieve this, they grow… they amass influence and power across the world to be able to initiate the final move which will put their opponents in checkmate.

The most influential kings advance, clad in the colors of their flags: China, Iran, Russia and the USA… undoubtedly followed by a long line of kinglets, seeking as well to advance to the front of the stage.

But it is no longer a game that is played only by two, nor by four, nor by twenty protagonists… what will be the rules of this new game of chess when everyone is trying to become the only king?

The only other piece left which is not a king is the small Pawn symbolizing the Earth, which now seems far too small and far too expendable for all these new kings…

Summary of the Topic

🔺 Description of the method appraising the effective influence of all the worldwide actors.

🔺 Evolution of multilateral international influence from 1945 to 2024 through 10 detailed screenshots visualizing the dynamic links of influence between each state and systemic structures which appear over the course of History.

🔺 Dynamic animated chronology video of the aforementioned links visualization.

🔺 Extensive analysis of the rise and demise of the international influence of the main state actors from 1945 to 2024.

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