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Book Cover Design: “Gephi for Early Warning”

The Context

⭕ This is the cover I created for the “Gephi User’s Manual” titled:

“Gephi pour l’Alerte Précoce”

Translated from French : “Gephi for Early Warning” is an handful source of training and effective applications of the software Gephi used specifically in the field of Early Warning and Strategic Foresight. It has been used as part of the early warning program for Civipol.

Written by Doctor Helene Lavoix from The Red Team Analysis Society. Gephi is an open-source network analysis and visualization software package written in Java on the NetBeans platform.

The Design

The Eye pierces the darkness and its gaze generates the crossing of possibilities, forming a golden wave of fractals which covers the infinite extent of the variables.

Connection points and causal effects are formed as spheres to transcribe Gephi’s software philosophy; then, the luminous spheres of probabilities finally materialize into solid spheres of action, decisions, and vigilance.

Their appearance, both powerful and hitech, evolves from the appearance of mechanical and military steel projectiles to the appearance of radars of gold, evoking the preventive aspect of information to avoid conflict.

The picture design without text layout (click to expand)

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