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Article Header Design: “China’s Perception of U.S. International Politics”

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The Context

⭕ This is the design I created for The Red Team Analysis Society article [🇬🇧 🇫🇷] titled :

“China’s Perception of U.S. International Politics”

While China’s role at the global level rises at increasingly ramified levels through unsuspected axes, its zones of influence are becoming more and more major within an explosive geopolitical situation. But what do we really know about the perception of the world and geopolitics from a Chinese point of view?

And, above all, what is their own cultural vision of their main antagonist on the international scene : the United States?

Between an ancient empire and a young continent, is it possible to escape bipolar manichaeism and prejudices by putting oneself in the Other’s place?

The Other who has his own culture, his own history and his own philosophy which will determine the way he will perceive the world and exercise his international policy. But, also, which will determine the way he will attempt to “translate” the Other’s culture into an intelligible representation for their own culture.

The Design

Through the eyes of a Chinese, the American Banner transforms into a concept familiar to the Middle Kingdom : it’s all Circles and Cycles. Projecting their own perception of the Earthly Empire, as well as the Celestial Empire, Chinese do not see the USA as next to them, but around them…and very far from the center of the Empire, as the young barbarians they are.

The Chinese will quickly transform the Stars and Stripes into Stars and Circles. Because, being the Center of the most enlightened Civilization, the Fifty Stars of the American “juxtaposed” States transform harmoniously into the Chinese Five Stars representing the Four Elements, plus the Center : the seat of Imperial power, from where everything is built and radiates harmoniously.

Beyond the blue of the sea, the stripes of the Thirteen American Colonies revolve and gyrate around this Center ; like so many rice fields, rivers and provinces which all depend on the central hub to rotate in earthly harmony. As a reflection of celestial harmony. As a reflection of the march of the cosmos…

The American being only a small part of it, in a distant, very distant, periphery…

Gently. Slowly. Inexorably. The Imperial Red of Good Fortune extends across the blue of the rivers, the sea and the oceans to ensure the Eternal Order… unless it is the Celestial Blue which converts the American Red?…

How to know ? Because, behind the smile of the Buddhas and Chinese Sages, there are no pithy responses or thunderous contrasting declarations, full of sharp angles and square evidences…

There are only Circles.

Summary of the Topic

🔺 Key approach in strategy and international relations’ analysis.

🔺 Description of China’s perception of the international order.

🔺 Analytical Methodology about Perceptions and their relativity depending of one’s culture or context.

🔺 Both Traditional China and Communist China approaches of the « Circle » vision.

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