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Article Header Design: ” China, Serbia, AI, and the Pincer Movement on Europe”

The Context

⭕ This is the design I created for The Red Team Analysis Society article [🇬🇧 🇫🇷] titled :

“China, Serbia, AI, and the Pincer Movement on Europe”

The ties between China and Serbia are deeper and more subtle than one might think. Very recently, almost unsuspectedly, China continues its rapprochement with Nations hostile to NATO, including those born from the Kosovar conflict, such as Serbia. And this, to the point of creating a new digital silk road between the Eagle Nation and the Dragon Empire.

The Design

Subtly, the Serbian Flag incorporates elements of the Chinese Empire until the two nations create a new hybrid creature : The heads of the Serbian Byzantine Double-Headed Eagle transform into two heads of Dragons which seem to emerge from the shield, symbolizing the Chinese rise to gain a foothold on the European continent and to form new alliances. Just like the original coat of arms, one of the heads looks towards the Heavenly Kingdom while the other looks towards the Earthly Kingdom. In this, the Serbian cosmogony matches perfectly the Chinese view of the dual Kingdom.

The four heraldic firesteels next to the central cross were originally standing for the letter “B” for Byzantine Empire. Now they are transformed into four times the Chinese calligraphic symbol “中” (zhōng) meaning the Earth and the Middle Empire…an Old Empire merges with a New Empire. And China intends to use Serbian land space as well to progress in its new Silk Road…Is this also an allusion to the fact that China intends to encircle the ancient European Christian lands?

The claws of the Eagle are replaced by the claws of the Dragon, the Fleurs de Lis have been replaced by the Chinese Stars and the Cross of the Byzantine Empire at the top of the Crown has been replaced by the Star: will the new dynasties of the East replace the ancient dynasties of the West?

The white pearls of the Serbian Crown now alternate with black pearls, evoking a game of Go: a game of long-term strategy in which the Chinese are masters… Will Serbia only be a pawn in their game or a trusted partner in a bipartisan conquest? Or in revenge?

A revenge on NATO and on Europe for two old Empires which have not said their last word…

Summary of the Topic

🔺 Sources proving Serbia’s logistical and ideological strengthening bonds with China.

🔺 Description of the Chinese “New Silk Road” project.

🔺 Convergence of Sino-Serbian struggles against NATO following the Kosovo conflict.

🔺 Analysis of the mutual strategic development and strengthening of Sino-Serbian AI.

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