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Article Header Design: “Early Warning for Individuals and Small Businesses – Overcoming Energy Insecurity”

a small toy representing a man going to work is wedged between two sets of huge rusted gears about to crush him

The design on the site of The Red Team Analysis Society (click to expand)

The Context

⭕ Here is the new design I created for The Red Team Analysis Society about the article [🇬🇧 🇫🇷] titled:

“Early Warning for Individuals and Small Businesses – Overcoming Energy Insecurity”

The energy crisis and the scarcity of resources are becoming an increasingly important topic. Its origins are multifactorial (Global warming, War, Unpreparedness, Waste…) and its impacts are multilateral: it is no longer a question of managing the slowdown in the progress of societies on a global scale but to avoid the acceleration of their regression.

States are facing unprecedented challenges, having to take into account variables on very large scales, but what about the individual or very small structures that have to manage these new paradigms and these new mutations on a smaller scale?

How can the discipline of Early Warning, normally employed by state actors on a very large scale, be applied to very small structures? Or even individuals?

What if you started thinking of yourself as a State?

The Design

👁️‍🗨️ Choice of the AD: The Little Worker moves forward in the world, smiling, but soon his smile freezes and his movement becomes petrified: because he is caught in the Great Gear of events which are beyond his vision, beyond his control…

He can no longer decide anything. He is stuck. And he stumbles already … Will he be caught by the cogwheels of the Consequences belonging to a machine much bigger than him? …

The Big Wheels turn faster and faster beyond the vision of our Little Worker and with their increasing movement, they trigger more and more wheels, spinning closer and closer…

Time flies at full speed for our little guy, as indicated by the little blue clock above his head… the only element to not be completely corroded by the rust which is increasingly spreading all over the gears, big and small…

And what happens when a machine turns faster and faster while it rusts faster and faster?…

Will our Little Worker see the little clock in time? He still has time, but will he be able to use it? Could he be the first little gear to unblock all the others to eventually get back on his path?…

Or will he stay as a little toy stuck in the machine?

Summary of the Topic

🔺 Presentation, definition and explanation of the concept of Early Warning.

🔺 Presentation of the concrete action taken by the States through the Actionable Early Warning process.

🔺 Application of this process on a small scale: small businesses or even individuals can act and anticipate as states do.

🔺 Demonstration of this process with two concrete examples within the current energy crisis: the Broken Baker and the Prosperous Textile Manufacturer: one anticipated on a large scale, the other did not…

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