Article Header Design: “Global Apocalypse Now, the California Way”

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The Context

⭕ This is the design I created for The Red Team Analysis Society article [🇬🇧 🇫🇷] titled :

“Global Apocalypse Now, the California Way”

It illustrates the First Part of the articles series related to the world fires spreading more and more frequently over the world, starting with a focus on the USA 🇺🇸.

The Art Direction for the Second Part of this series can be found here.

The Design

The tsunami of flames advances, inexorable, towards homes; within the glowing smoke, the 4 horsemen of Dürer’s apocalypse are silhouetted

➡️ The 1st Horseman drops his balance on the mountain crest: the broken balance creates catastrophe (the past).

➡️ The 2nd Horseman brandishes his sword beyond the flames: the catastrophe causes destruction (the present).

➡️ The 3rd Horseman directs his bow towards the ash-filled night: catastrophe directs the direction we take (the future).

➡️ In Dürer’s engraving the 4th Horseman is originally in the foreground… and even if we don’t see it, in fact, it is already upon us: death.

Summary of the Topic

🔺 Global and holistic view of the situation history.

🔺 Impact of global warming on fires and vice versa.

🔺 Sourced analysis. No opinions. No fake news.

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