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Hackathon – REDaéro – The Challenge presented by the French Airforce

The French Airforce & Spaceforce – Recruiting new conceptual talents to solve the problematics of the future

The Jury’s panel of the French Airforce – High Ranked officers presented the problematic and reacted positively to our ideas

The “Agence Innovation de Défense” (AID) – The special R&D division of the French Army is regularly incorporating innovative ideas coming from the “Civilian World”

The Orange Team at work! – Creating the first directions of innovative concepts and planning our tasks distribution

The Green Team at work – Much thinking in front of their “Wall of Ideas”

Building stage – Once our concept is perfected, we start to build the 3D model

Officer briefing – We have been constantly supported and directed by the Army team

Blueprint stage – The final version of the projects are built up for the Jury’s restitution

Mockups models – To enforce our blueprint phase, we presented a 3D mockup to illustrate our concept

The Workforce – Both teams posing with our Jury’s officers. Thanks to all!

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Designing the Future of French Air Force

🟠🛫 I participated in the Hackathon REDAero organized by the Agence de l’innovation de défense during the Forum Innovation de Défense (French Defense Innovation Forum) which was held last November. The problematic posed by this Hackathon was as follows:

“Imagine a system / process / method allowing the reduction of the energy consumption necessary for the implementation of the take-off of an aircraft.”

The duration of the challenge was 9 hours.

The Team

🟠🚫 For copyright and security reasons, the detailed work of each team will not be presented here.

🟠👨‍✈️ The final Jury was made up of 8 High ranked Officers and innovation specialists from the French Airforce (Armée de l’air et de l’espace)

🟠🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ The 10 people selected for this application were harmoniously divided into 2 teams: 🟠 Orange and 🟢 Green. Among them: Designers, Engineers, Mathematicians, Economists, Energy or Nanotechnology specialists …:

🟠 ✸ Jean-Dominique Lavoix-Carli
🟠 Cécile Fauconnet
🟠 Jöel Agboglo
🟠 Denis Kalantari
🟠 Olivier Landais

🟢 Inès Llorens
🟢 Etienne Afchain
🟢 Pierre Guenoun
🟢 Normand Loviat
🟢 Antoine Plantade

The Work

🟠🧠⚡ Each team worked relentlessly according to the field of expertise of each, almost non-stop, in order to constantly brainstorm concepts suitable to meet the Army’s demand.

We were helped in this by the very effective coaching of 🧔Quentin Bobinsky, specialist in Design Thinking, who coached us very effectively by proposing very creative and effective methods of reflection and organization.

I must say that I have rarely worked in such a harmonious and complementary team: no ego, no competition, each one rebounded and enriched the ideas of the others with the collective result for only objective.

The Result and the Jury’s reaction

🟠🏗️📊In the end, the 2 teams produced an impressive amount of concepts, ideas, sketches and models which were synthesized in the following 2 projects:

🗼The Orange Team 🟠 conceptualized an Hub of Acceleration : an architectural structure that uses Wind and Gravity to optimize aircraft takeoff while optimizing aircraft maintenance time.

🛩️The Green Team 🟢 conceptualized a removable and reusable Booster Thruster powered by Hydrogen with particular attention to the reuse of resources.

🟠🎁🥂After the presentation of the 2 projects, it turned out that the 2 teams had won! And I don’t think I go too far to say that the Jury was very satisfied with our collective work!

… And we all celebrated this by tasting a good… ORANGE Juice… 😜 🧡

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