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Article Header Design: “How to Create New Civilizations? Challenges and Pressures”

The Context

⭕ This is the design I created for The Red Team Analysis Society article [🇬🇧 🇫🇷] titled :

“How to Create New Civilizations? Part 1 : Challenges and Pressures”

Civilizations are born, live and die. And they do it according multiple criteria, causes and stages whose principles have been registered, analyzed, theorized and understood. According to these criteria, any civilization, at a given moment in its history – and regardless of its stage of development – can be in a phase of stagnation, genesis, renewal or extinction. This was demonstrated by the historian Arnold Toynbee in his very comprehensive analysis “A Study of History”.

But what does Toynbee teach us if we apply his analytical filter to our modern societies and their current challenges? How do the impact of global warming, migration or the conquest of space affect the changes in our societies? Are our current civilizations disappearing? To mutate or to be reborn? Or are they doomed to fail and vanish?

The Design

Under the pressure of time and the challenges of existence, the statue of Pharaoh cracks, fragments and falls into pieces. Symbol of the end of one of the greatest civilizations in history, now it is nothing more than vestiges… and its fractured face struggles against oblivion and the voracity of time which erases everything and turns everything back to dust.

However, each of the fragments of the civilization thus destroyed begins to drift, jolting, hiccupping, in order to find a new place, a new pattern, within the rushing flow of History created by the ever-shifting Time…

These debris begin to aggregate with each other to form something different, something new

And, in the debris and dust of the old world, the stars begin to shine.

These stars swarm and propagate over the future, merging to create a new core, a new beating heart, like a furnace… A crucible of probabilities and potentialities where each of the efforts, dreams and hopes of the ancient civilization transcend and create a new gate, a new galaxy, a new universe.

A new civilization.

Will it be even bigger? Even more beautiful? Carrying within it the foundations of its immemorial past and the hopes of a future full of promise?…

…or will it only bring destruction and vanity, carrying within itself the seeds of its own destruction, where the past no longer has its place and the future is only a nightmare?…

What will we leave behind when we are gone? What civilization will be born from our legacy and what will we leave to the future?…

Only the future will tell.

Summary of the Topic

🔺 Application of Toynbee‘s theories to the situation of our current world.

🔺 Presentation of the concepts of Golden Mean, Challenges and Genesis and how these relate to all civilizations.

🔺 Description of Five types of challenges and pressures critical for our actual world.

🔺 Presentation of the issues, dangers and growth potentials for each of these five types of challenges.

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