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Article Header Design: “The war in Gaza and China’s pivot to the Middle East”

The Context

⭕ This is the design I created for The Red Team Analysis Society article [🇬🇧 🇫🇷] titled :

“The war in Gaza and China’s pivot to the Middle East”

On October 7, 2023, Hamas launched an unprecedented assault, both in substance and in form, on Israel. Since then, the international ramifications of this shock wave have continued to grow across all countries of the world. A geopolitical change is taking place at full speed in the Middle East and this is making the global situation even more uncertain than before…

But are all the actors involved in this crisis so perfectly identifiable? What new alliances and counter-alliances can arise from this crisis? Who do we see and who do we not see? What unsuspected influence will arise from this dramatic past to forge a future that no one can expect?

If Africa can become Russian, then can the Middle East become Chinese?

The Design

Beyond the dome of the Mosque, the sky is covered with the clouds of the conflict which rumbles in the distance and grows louder and louder: War ignites the heart of the Middle East in a thunder of destruction which fractures the Biblical Land. An atmosphere of Apocalypse where two gods who hate each other wage battle through their respective peoples.

The glowing flames of blood and death make the Star and the Crescent sparkle in a contrast of Yellow and Black: is it Gold marking a Muslim identity which will emerge strengthened through this conflict? Or is it the legacy of the colors of Daesh and Hezbollah marking an even more radical extent of the conflict of civilizations?

The glow of the flames now invades the entire sky where no God responds. And the only celestial manifestation that occurs is the twinkling of the stars of the Chinese Empire which is approaching. Slowly. Discreetly. Totally.

Forming with the Muslim Star the Fifth Star of the Chinese flag, this new starry sky questions us about the future: in a digital and instantaneous world which is a new territory of geopolitics in itself, will this new Middle East be the new frontier of the Middle Kingdom?

Summary of the Topic

🔺 Summary of the origins of the new Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

🔺 Description of the unprecedented media impacts of the October 7 event through the notion of “Hyper-Object”.

🔺 Synthesis of the geopolitical and geostrategic consequences and positioning of all the main actors.

🔺 Presentation of China’s economic and diplomatic actions and their direct and indirect consequences in the short, medium and long term with regard to this conflict.

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