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Article Header Design: “How China Could Win the War against the Covid-19 Pandemic”

The design on the site of The Red Team Analysis Society (click to expand)

The Context

⭕ This is the design I created for The Red Team Analysis Society article [🇬🇧 🇫🇷] titled :

“How China Could Win the War against the Covid-19 Pandemic”

It concerns the means implemented by China 🇨🇳 against the COVID pandemic.

The Design

In the background, the terracotta army of Emperor Qin marches, representing the whole Chinese people.

Their collective strength and mental discipline incarnate into a shaolin fighter who strikes the virus right in the heart, making it explode.

The counter shape of the virus-shattering impact outlines the major star of the Chinese flag, turning yellow again, in order to restore the integrity of the nation.

Summary of the Topic

🔺 Cultural, societal and philosophical differences with Europe regarding health priorities.

🔺 Analysis of the strategic and tactical approach regarding the fight against the virus.

🔺 Analysis of the implemented measures through 3 concrete examples.

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