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The Context

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“Antarctic China – China’s Planetary Game”

The subtle balance of power and front lines shift and mutate imperceptibly in an uncertain and ever-changing geopolitical context.

While the most polarized regimes are increasingly expressing their intentions very vocally, what do we know about China’s 🇨🇳 objectives on a global scale in the very long term?

The Design

The world is just one big game of Go. Black fights White and White fights Black, as the West fights the East and vice-versa, in a more or less revealed way.

The most obvious Great Powers are thrown into an exponential conflict where each of them is entirely dedicated to engulf the other in their respective supremacy.

But, during this time, a third player silently places his pawns on the game board: the pawns bearing the colors of China, which subtly convert both Black and White along… To thus gradually encircle them in a masterstroke to achieve converting the entire board into a single color: Chinese Red.

Summary of the Topic

🔺Inability for Western culture to understand the Chinese strategic mindset in the long term.

🔺 Hypothesis on a Chinese planetary strategy which extends from Pole to Pole.

🔺 Similarity between Go “spaces” and real planetary “spaces” and how China intends to take advantage of them.

🔺 Concrete example with “Encircling Australia”.

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